Bioinformatics Centre at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi was established during the year 1989 as a part of Biotechnology Information System (BTIS) Network to function as a computerized information base in areas related to Agricultural Biotechnology in particular and fields allied to agriculture in general and to function as lead distributed information center for NARS. Since its inception, the centre has provided various services to researchers, students and farmers such as on-line bibliographic search through Network, off-line bibliographic search through CD-ROM server, Electronic mail, Internet, Creation and update of database, Statistical analysis of research data, Protein sequence analysis, training programmes, workshops on bioinformatics and current awareness services etc. During the period users of the centre included students and scientists from the institute and other institutes/ universities. Biotechnological Abstract Information retrieval System (BAIRS) was developed by the centre and extensively used by students and researchers. The database created mainly pertains to research work conducted under Indian environment on Photosynthesis, Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Tissue Culture. The Centre became a part of Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) during November 2003. The USI is entrusted with the additional responsibilities of developing different components of agri-informatics and maintaining the Institute’s campus network, website and web server administration. Recently the Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of developing a teleconference facility for IARI. The centre has initiated work on e-agro-advisory. IARI Centenary Year documentary film on “‘IARI-A Catalyst of Change’ has been prepared by the centre.